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With January in full swing there’s no doubt people are making their annual list of New Year’s resolutions. Between going to the gym, losing weight and quitting smoking, one resolution that never seems to make it on the list is maintaining your car and driving habits. It may seem like a simple task, but keeping your car in top shape is often put on the back burner and you can always use a little dri... [More]

I cannot begin to explain how long I've been waiting to write this post, and as we sit on the cusp of a new installment from a galaxy far far away, the time has finally come. Begun, the car comparisons have. A lot of people are rushing to put up what car is what ship, with seemingly no knowledge of either the cars, or the ships (the death star isn't a ship, come on). Let's take a look at what ACTUAL ships and their earthly car counterparts we see in the Star Wars universe. For continuity's sake, we'll be looking at the Original Trilogy's ships (Sorry prequels. Well, not really) and the cars t... [More]

Roborace Automotive enthusiasts love to debate what the best part of a vehicle is. The looks, the sound, the power, and the connection to the road are all things that keep admirers of motor sport coming back again and again. The outliers of the automotive world are the ones who want more tech in their vehicles. These enthusiasts want more cameras, sensors, electricity, and the abandonment of the archaic ways of fossil fuels. In 2016, the pinnacle of performance racin... [More]

WW2 vehiclesOn this day we reflect on the great sacrifices made by those before us. Without their incredible efforts and sacrifices we wouldn't have the free world we have today. During the war, our brave soldiers had access to an amazing variety of vehicles. On this day we remember the incredible effort and sacrifice given. We'll also take a look at some of the amazing vehicles that helped make the victory over the forces of evil possible. [More]

Mazda RX-Vision Concept Mazda recently unveiled the most beautiful car on earth at the 2015 Tokyo auto show. The RX-Vision concept is the logical next step for the automaker who’s taken it upon themselves to make driving fun again. From the outside, the car is already a smash hit, with nearly universal praise for the incredible design. What makes the RX-Vision truly important is what is set to power the car. Most people are familiar with the con... [More]

Car Free City News is beginning to circulate that the Norwegian city of Oslo is looking to be car free by the year 2019. While we shudder at the thought of being car free, downtown centers certainly aren't the place for a decent set of wheels. Think of owning a st bernard in a bachelor apartment, doesn't make sense does it? The same can be said for any half decent car while living in a crowded downtown core. Oslo isn't the first city to have this thought, and as... [More]

Volkswagen Diesel Scandal You may have heard recently that things are going bad for Volkswagen. That's a little bit of an understatement. In the last few weeks, Volkswagen has gone from a world leader in diesel vehicles to facing fines and lawsuits in the tens of billions of dollars. That's a lot of Golfs. Volkswagen is one of, if not THE world's largest auto maker. They will weather this storm and emerge as a continuing leader in auto sales. And in my personal opin... [More]

Citroen DS5 No matter the segment, the debate is endless. F-150 vs Silverado, Golf GTI VS Focus ST, M3 vs anything else. We hear the same vehicles brought up over and over again in a never ending debate to see who's knowledge of vehicles they don't and will never own is superior. What about the names we don't hear? What if there was a better truck than F-150? A better hot hatch than the GTI?  The vehicles we get here in North America are the ones that big automotive ... [More]

Ford Ranger One thing nearly every automotive enthusiast can agree on, is that the small to midsize truck market in North America is severely lacking. The average price for a new Ford F-150 is Over $40,000. Trucks continue to shift from utility vehicles to luxury vehicles. With options, a new F-150 can be had for over $70,000. Many are demanding the return of an affordable, smaller truck. Ford already sells this truck, still badged as the ranger, in other markets a... [More]

DIY Tools Checklist Chances are good that if you're reading this blog, you like to wrench your own car. A few basic services, like changing oil and filters, require very little in terms of equipment and space. For those of us who have only just begun to undertake doing their own service, Prime Choice is here to look at some essential tools that will make your life much, much easier. Keep in mind, building a collection of tools isn't a mad dash to the finish, it's ... [More]

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