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Are you regularly visiting the mechanic for simple jobs, like changing the fuel filter or replacing the brake pads? Instead of flushing your money away all the time, why not learn to do it yourself? Doing the research, and practicing your own car maintenance can go a very long way (and save you money in the process).    These 4 jobs can only take a few hours and very little money. No matter what le... [More]

I found your company first on eBay then I bought parts directly from your site. I probably wouldn't have a running car if not for Prime Choice! I couldn't afford everything to fix the suspension from any other place but your prices are so amazing. Thank you, Rielle Wright I just wanted to compliment your company on great service, communication, shipping and products. The purchase I made just recently arrived lightning quick. I was surprised because I placed the order almost too late to gi... [More]

In the past, choosing oil for a vehicle wasn’t all that difficult, as long as you had a good idea about the viscosity that you required. These days, all of this has changed. Manufacturers are now making their own for all of their vehicles and recommending that people stick to these products if they want to maintain their vehicles in the best possible condition. Some companies even say that using the wrong oil could void their warranty, which makes it important for vehicle owners to pay attention to what they... [More]

With the prices of gas rising as steeply as they are, people are always looking to cut corners and save where they can, but could this actually be hurting them, rather than helping them? If you aren’t a professional auto repair professional, you might not have any idea about the differences between cheap gas and its more costly counterpart, but if this is going to end up costing you more in terms of vehicle maintenance in the long run, it might be time to learn. Does Your Car Have a Flexible Fuel Engi... [More]

Power steering fluid is found in just about in every second car these days, particularly because of the popularity of power steering in the modern age. This fluid plays an important role in the functioning of your vehicle, and if you aren’t aware of why you need to check these levels regularly, you could be putting yourself and others in a lot of danger. What is Power Steering Fluid? Basically, power steering fluid is used in a rack-and-pinion steering mechanism, and it is pressurized to ... [More]

Everyone should know how to jump start their car, and learning how to do this isn’t very difficult. Keep in mind, however, that if you are struggling or questioning whether you know what you’re doing, leave it to the professionals, since doing it wrong could end up causing you a serious injury. Make Sure You’re Allowed To Jump Start The Car Before you attempt jump starting the car, making sure that you’re actually allowed to do this according to your owner’s manual. Vehicles tend to differ with r... [More]

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