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With January in full swing there’s no doubt people are making their annual list of New Year’s resolutions. Between going to the gym, losing weight and quitting smoking, one resolution that never seems to make it on the list is maintaining your car and driving habits. It may seem like a simple task, but keeping your car in top shape is often put on the back burner and you can always use a little dri... [More]

I cannot begin to explain how long I've been waiting to write this post, and as we sit on the cusp of a new installment from a galaxy far far away, the time has finally come. Begun, the car comparisons have. A lot of people are rushing to put up what car is what ship, with seemingly no knowledge of either the cars, or the ships (the death star isn't a ship, come on). Let's take a look at what ACTUAL ships and their earthly car counterparts we see in the Star Wars universe. For continuity's sake, we'll be looking at the Original Trilogy's ships (Sorry prequels. Well, not really) and the cars t... [More]

Roborace Automotive enthusiasts love to debate what the best part of a vehicle is. The looks, the sound, the power, and the connection to the road are all things that keep admirers of motor sport coming back again and again. The outliers of the automotive world are the ones who want more tech in their vehicles. These enthusiasts want more cameras, sensors, electricity, and the abandonment of the archaic ways of fossil fuels. In 2016, the pinnacle of performance racin... [More]

WW2 vehiclesOn this day we reflect on the great sacrifices made by those before us. Without their incredible efforts and sacrifices we wouldn't have the free world we have today. During the war, our brave soldiers had access to an amazing variety of vehicles. On this day we remember the incredible effort and sacrifice given. We'll also take a look at some of the amazing vehicles that helped make the victory over the forces of evil possible. [More]

Mazda RX-Vision Concept Mazda recently unveiled the most beautiful car on earth at the 2015 Tokyo auto show. The RX-Vision concept is the logical next step for the automaker who’s taken it upon themselves to make driving fun again. From the outside, the car is already a smash hit, with nearly universal praise for the incredible design. What makes the RX-Vision truly important is what is set to power the car. Most people are familiar with the con... [More]

Car Free City News is beginning to circulate that the Norwegian city of Oslo is looking to be car free by the year 2019. While we shudder at the thought of being car free, downtown centers certainly aren't the place for a decent set of wheels. Think of owning a st bernard in a bachelor apartment, doesn't make sense does it? The same can be said for any half decent car while living in a crowded downtown core. Oslo isn't the first city to have this thought, and as... [More]

Volkswagen Diesel Scandal You may have heard recently that things are going bad for Volkswagen. That's a little bit of an understatement. In the last few weeks, Volkswagen has gone from a world leader in diesel vehicles to facing fines and lawsuits in the tens of billions of dollars. That's a lot of Golfs. Volkswagen is one of, if not THE world's largest auto maker. They will weather this storm and emerge as a continuing leader in auto sales. And in my personal opin... [More]

Citroen DS5 No matter the segment, the debate is endless. F-150 vs Silverado, Golf GTI VS Focus ST, M3 vs anything else. We hear the same vehicles brought up over and over again in a never ending debate to see who's knowledge of vehicles they don't and will never own is superior. What about the names we don't hear? What if there was a better truck than F-150? A better hot hatch than the GTI?  The vehicles we get here in North America are the ones that big automotive ... [More]

Ford Ranger One thing nearly every automotive enthusiast can agree on, is that the small to midsize truck market in North America is severely lacking. The average price for a new Ford F-150 is Over $40,000. Trucks continue to shift from utility vehicles to luxury vehicles. With options, a new F-150 can be had for over $70,000. Many are demanding the return of an affordable, smaller truck. Ford already sells this truck, still badged as the ranger, in other markets a... [More]

DIY Tools Checklist Chances are good that if you're reading this blog, you like to wrench your own car. A few basic services, like changing oil and filters, require very little in terms of equipment and space. For those of us who have only just begun to undertake doing their own service, Prime Choice is here to look at some essential tools that will make your life much, much easier. Keep in mind, building a collection of tools isn't a mad dash to the finish, it's ... [More]

Summer Driving Winter Driving The days are slowly getting shorter, our enthusiasm for the open road and cruising with the top down is fading. Here in Canada, most mornings start with sub 20°C temperatures (68°F in freedom units). Soon enough, the roads will be covered in snow and ice, and that means the season of extreme car wear and tear begins. For those of us living in the salt belt or Canada, we're no stranger to the season of salt, and th... [More]

Lexus Hoverboard Car companies make cars. Cars are typically 4 wheeled metal cages that feature things like engines and windows and maybe a pedal or two. Every now and then, car companies make something that isn’t a car. Lexus has gone out and made something completely unlike any car, or unlike any other THING on the planet for that matter, and that’s very important for the future of vehicles. Today, we look at the incredible piece of technology that is the... [More]

Self Driving Car It was only a few months ago that we reported on the future of motor vehicles. One of the biggest options, we said, was the future of self driving cars. In the short time since our last article, self driving vehicles have taken centre stage. Now more than ever, the future seems to be heading in the direction of autonomy. With advancements from nearly every major automaker, as well as incredible displays from companies like Google, there's no d... [More]

Concept Chev Each and every year, different auto shows around the world are held as a way for auto makers to showcase their latest and greatest designs in upcoming automobiles. While most manufacturers showcase vehicles that are currently or are slated to be available, there are vehicles that do things differently. Many auto makers will use these shows as a chance to show off upcoming ideas and new developments, in the form of concept cars. After each auto show, ... [More]

Chinese Cars In our automotive geography series, we took a look at countries and the cars they produced. One country we didn’t look at was China. China does produce several of its own brands of vehicle, but the truth is China has become increasingly important for non-Chinese automakers. Big domestic brands and larger brands from around the world are banking on China for long term success.  A large portion of Chinese automakers are joint-ventures. This mea... [More]

American Muscle Tomorrow marks almost 240 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Since 1776, Americans have accomplished wonders. Walking on the surface of the moon, splitting the atom, growing the world’s most powerful military, and maintaining an incredible democracy are all accomplishments to be proud of. Arguably one of the largest industrial contributions from the US to the world was the as... [More]

NHTSA CRASH TESTS At one point in time, vehicles were not safe. Prior to 1970, no official governing body had any say in the matters of vehicle safety, and cars were essentially steel cages on wheels. Leading up to 1970, the average fatalities per 100,000 people due to vehicle related deaths was almost 26, or roughly 75,000 people per year in the United States alone. Today, that number sits at roughly 10 deaths per 100,000, or 30,000 people a year. The introd... [More]

Koenigsegg VS Ferrari Ferrari. Lamborghini. Bugatti. These have over the years become household names when it comes to supercars and performance. While there’s no denying the fact that these brands have produced cars that were just as capable as they were iconic, there are others out there who don't share the same fame as these brands, yet manage to outperform them. These brands have slowly begun getting the recognition they deserve by shattering records and cr... [More]

Home Made Lamborghini Lamborghinis are boring. Bugattis are too slow. Rolls Royce might as well make tractors. Not satisfied with what automakers out there are passing as cars these days? Then the answer is simple. Build your own. Is this a simple task? Not even slightly. Is it cheaper than buying new? When you add up your time, not at all. However, at the end of the day you’re left with a unique vehicle that you know inside and ou... [More]

Mazda 6 Wagon I’ll be completely honest with you; I absolutely hate crossovers and SUVS. I can go on all day as to why this is, but one of the biggest reasons that’s becoming more and more apparent is that it’s stopping us from getting the cars we really want. When you go looking for a new pair of shoes, you likely buy a generic sneaker/running shoe and call it a day. For the majority of the time, those shoes serve you well. However, if you have... [More]

Car Upgrades You can try to cling to your acid wash jeans for as long as you want, but deep down you know they are dated, out of style, and no longer serve much purpose. If that's also how you could describe your car, then you've come to the right place. There a few simple ways that you can upgrade your car and get back to enjoying what's important, hitting the open road. While these tricks won't turn your rusted Sunfire into a Tesla, they can can help provide some mod... [More]

International DrivingWe've covered plenty of different topics when it comes to vehicles, from new technologies to classic restoration and everything in between, Whether you love off-road trucks or track ready racers, one thing unites every auto enthusiast, the need for a driver's license. Reading this, it's likely you are in Canada or the United States, and these countries share similar methods for licensing their drivers. Both require learners permi... [More]

Vintage Mustang Prime choice recently got the chance to check out a few automotive events, and we notice that a lot of the same types of vehicles appear at these events in mint condition, despite being built over 50 years ago. So what’s the secret? Some older model cars are simply easier to restore than others. This can be for a number of reasons, either the car can be disassembled and reassembled easier, or some cars have stood the test of time bett... [More]

American Flag We've toured the world in our automotive geography series, looking at exotic cars from around the world. When travelling, eventually you must return home, and so our journey now takes us to the United States. While we've learned that the original automobile was born elsewhere, no other country has had such an impact on the automotive world as the United States. From revolutionizing the car, to creating mass production, cars everywhere owe a bit of h... [More]

DMCA Logo At Prime Choice, we specialize in offering parts so that you can repair your car at home. In the next few years, that could all change. If current pushes from big automakers succeed, we will begin to see the end of DIY repairs, and the end of the backyard mechanic. Many people are familiar with the ongoing battles between producers of digital content (such as movies and music) and customers accessing that content, but now the digital copyright battle is ... [More]

Toyota Mirai For over 100 years, we've filled our vehicles with gasoline, a combustible liquid that is used to drive our vehicles forward. We've come to rely heavily on gas, something that is quickly becoming a burden on mankind. Gasoline, derived from oil, is expensive, and only recently have we got a much needed break from the surging prices, a break that is guaranteed to be brief. In addition to rising costs, burning fossil fuels like gasoline has been shown to... [More]

Rebadged Cars Beetle The automotive world is one where people develop fierce loyalties to brands they've come to trust. This loyalty is strongest in the pickup segment, but definitely spills over into everything from minivans to economy cars.  Engineering a vehicle from the ground up is a long, complicated process (a car could enter design in 2012, be bought in 2015, but be marketed as the 2016 model year). Often times companies will "share" a vehicles platfor... [More]

Can you remember a time when you wouldn't even consider a car that didn't come with an 8-track player? Today, we accept that a number of features will simply be there when we get in a car. What about the options that we no longer see? Prime Choice is taking a look at vehicle parts and options that no longer find their way into modern vehicles. From outdated radio options, to exteriors and powertrain ... [More]

The British Automotive Industry Union Jack Before we wrap up our automotive journey around the world with the United States, we think it's important to pay homage to the motherland of our colonies and take a look at the hand made, luxury vehicles of the British automotive industry. Despite the fact that many of the UK's biggest names have become part of foreign companies, models produced still follow the time tested values of quality craftsmanship above all else. Wh... [More]

protecting against rust For those of us in the Northern States, or anywhere in Canada, we're starting to get optimistic that this winter will finally end. Now that the ice, salt, and dirt is finally coming off our cars we're getting a glimpse at how they held up. Winter is the harshest season on your vehicle for rust, and some parts can fall victim to oxidization faster than others. Prime Choice is here to offer up advice on what to check for those of us living... [More]

Beginners Motorsport Aston MartinYou've always wanted the thrill of overtaking another driver, turning hard into a corner, speeding out of the apex and rushing on to victory. Like most car enthusiasts, you've dreamed of winning a race. Unfortunately, your old Honda Civic may not quite be up to par with some of the more track ready vehicles out there. That doesn't mean you have to pass on getting your fix of speed! Prime Choice is here to show you some begin... [More]

Japanese Automotive Industry Continuing our expedition across the land of automotive geography, we head east from Europe. Crossing over Soviet relics and the still emerging vehicles of China we find ourselves in Japan. Japanese cars are often considered some of the most reliable cars in the world. Japanese manufacturers account for 4 of the top 10 global producers of vehicles, with the Japanese Toyota taking the number one position. While many may... [More]

Vehicle Electrical Systems EV Anyone using Google today will see a unique Google Doodle. The Doodle that appears today is in honour of Alessandro Volta, the man credited with creating the first battery in 1799. Since that time, batteries and other electric systems have found their way into nearly every aspect of our daily lives. Of course, vehicles are no different. Vehicles have evolved from having no electronics, to using some, to being fu... [More]

Upcoming Vehicle Features Future Interior The first gas powered automobile offered such amazing features as a horse-free operation, and well, that's about it. Today, we expect a certain level of comfort when choosing a car. Air conditioning, powered options, a quality sound system, touch screens, airbags, ABS brakes, and traction control are just a few options that we've come to expect in a daily driver. With how far we've come in vehicles over the last 100 year... [More]

Automotive Geography German FlagIn the second episode of automotive geography, Prime Choice takes a look at another European automaker. Italy seems focused on incredible speed that comes from a history of artistic flair, but there is another European country that also pushes the envelope of speed and does so with incredible precision and engineering. This week, Prime Choice takes a look at the automotive geography of Germany, best known fo... [More]

Vehicle Suspension Systems Ferrari By now you know the basics, how to roll, how to stop, and how to see where you're going. What more could you need, right? Since the Roman Empire ruled wherever there's been transportation, there's been vehicle suspension systems. Whether for increasing comfort on a long ride, enhancing performance, or allowing for a greater load to be transported, vehicle suspension systems have come a long way. The concept has been the same, bu... [More]

Italian flag PRIME CHOICE Pizza, Pasta, And Incredibly Fast Cars - The Automotive Geography of Italy Prime Choice Auto Parts is proud to take you on a trip around the world to learn your automotive geography.  In our debut episode we look at Italy, a country with one of the richest automotive histories in the world. If you've ever had a calender or poster featuring dream cars, there's a very good chance a ve... [More]

Detroit Auto Show Facts 2015 Ford Lineup Prime Choice takes a look at some Detroit Auto Show facts for the 2015 season. Here we look at some new cars, new innovations, and new ideas. Each year, the Motor City hosts one of the most exciting and dynamic auto shows in the world. The North American International Auto Show, more commonly referred to as the Detroit Auto Show, hosts automakers from around the world and allows for a display of new vehicles, techn... [More]

Vehicle Headlamps Prime Choice is kicking off 2015 by shining a light on one of the most common parts: vehicle headlamps. Your vehicles headlamps provide a wide range of functions, from practical use at night, to distinguishing stylistic features. There are many people that believe vehicles have a "face", and that the headlamps are the eyes. So join us as we take a look back, and forward, into the eyes of a vehicles soul. Vehicle Headlamp History The first patent ... [More]

Looking back, and forward - 2014 Automotive Review We've covered a lot of topics this year, and what a year it has been. From revamped classics to dangerous recalls, 2014 has been quite the interesting year for gearheads. The Prime Choice 2014 Automotive Review takes a look back on some of the biggest stories of the year, and looks forward to next year. Reviving the beasts In an era of hybrid electric cars with solar powered charging stations, a brand n... [More]

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through my car, my ride was quite bumpy, my door was ajar. With a rev of the engine, the temp was in reds, what was the trouble, could it be piston heads? A little more juice did cause quite the snap; I feared this could be quite a costly mishap! When then from the engine arose such a clatter, I threw open the hood to see what was the matter! With a fresh jug of oil I ripped off the cap, was my once... [More]

Early Brake Technology Making Brake History A couple of weeks ago we here at Prime Choice kicked off our parting wisdom series with a look at the wheel. What good is a wheel if it can't be controlled? This week, parting wisdom looks at brake history and discovers how we started stopping our wheels. Currently, the fastest production cars in the world are capable of traveling over 430km/h. At this speed, a vehicle would make the 100M dash is less than one second (th... [More]

While gas prices may be at a 4 year low, an inevitable rise in prices is coming. Now's the perfect time to improve your fuel economy with a few simple tips, tricks, and quality parts. Engine tips to improve fuel economy Get a tune up: Keep your car running smooth to help improve fuel economy. Normally, your car's service manual will have schedules on when to replace "wear" parts, such as oil filters or spark plugs. Following these suggestions can do more than just k... [More]

In parting wisdom, we take a look at the creation, development, and future of modern vehicle components. From wheels to engines and everything in between, the parting wisdom column will take a closer look at what really makes up a car. One metric horsepower is needed to lift 75 kilograms (average human body weight) 1 meter in 1 second. This how a unit of horsepower is defined. The Bugatti Grand Sport Vitesse is capable of producin... [More]

Celebrating our Black Friday car parts sale with some iconic Black Cars We know it's the time of year when our friends in the US are getting together with family and friends to give thanks for all they have. It's also the time of year for kicking down the doors of your favourite store at 4 in the morning and elbowing people in the face to save $50 on a TV you don't need. At Prime Choice, you can keep the elbows down, all ou... [More]

Can You Really Buy A Counterfeit Auto Part You're shopping for auto parts online. You notice that between two parts, there is no difference in specifications, but a noticeable difference in price. While the cheaper price certainly does entice you, you choose to pay more because of a gut feeling about counterfeit auto parts. You may feel like you made the right choice, but you just wasted hard earned cash based on a feeling. In the fall it’s not uncommo... [More]

Sometimes we all give ourselves a little too much credit when it comes to our abilities. Often, we undertake projects out of our league and end up leaving them half finished or half started (depending on your point of view). Auto repairs are no exception. Here we'll talk about a few repairs that, with the right know how and the right parts, you can accomplish on your own. This DIY car repair list features simple fixes to common... [More]

Plug N’ Play The first practical electric vehicles hit the auto market around 1890. Over the next 125 years electric vehicles would fade into obscurity, resurfacing temporarily at times when some innovations were made. Until now, electric vehicles were deemed a fad or pipe dream, not being practical for the demands of modern driving.  Today, the most talked about Auto Company in the world is Tesla Motors, who have brought electric vehicles to the front o... [More]

car computers Why hack your bank account when we can hack your car? Computers are complex machines. Very complex machines. While they certainly don’t have as many moving parts as your average car, the do possess something that your car doesn’t, millions of lines of hack-able, easily accessible code. What is code? Code is a term used to describe the commands the computer uses to function. For example, some lines of code may tell the gas tank to draw more or ... [More]

Everyone, start your engines! That is, if your spark plugs are healthy. It might be surprising, but spark plugs play a huge role in a smooth ride.  These little parts provide the spark that’s needed to start your engine. From the ignition system, your spark plugs transfer the electricity which produces a spark. The flame mixes with the air/fuel in your engine, making it run. If this spark is not big enough or not performing properly, a number of things c... [More]

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