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Car Upgrades You can try to cling to your acid wash jeans for as long as you want, but deep down you know they are dated, out of style, and no longer serve much purpose. If that's also how you could describe your car, then you've come to the right place. There a few simple ways that you can upgrade your car and get back to enjoying what's important, hitting the open road. While these tricks won't turn your rusted Sunfire into a Tesla, they can can help provide some mod... [More]

International DrivingWe've covered plenty of different topics when it comes to vehicles, from new technologies to classic restoration and everything in between, Whether you love off-road trucks or track ready racers, one thing unites every auto enthusiast, the need for a driver's license. Reading this, it's likely you are in Canada or the United States, and these countries share similar methods for licensing their drivers. Both require learners permi... [More]

Vintage Mustang Prime choice recently got the chance to check out a few automotive events, and we notice that a lot of the same types of vehicles appear at these events in mint condition, despite being built over 50 years ago. So what’s the secret? Some older model cars are simply easier to restore than others. This can be for a number of reasons, either the car can be disassembled and reassembled easier, or some cars have stood the test of time bett... [More]

American Flag We've toured the world in our automotive geography series, looking at exotic cars from around the world. When travelling, eventually you must return home, and so our journey now takes us to the United States. While we've learned that the original automobile was born elsewhere, no other country has had such an impact on the automotive world as the United States. From revolutionizing the car, to creating mass production, cars everywhere owe a bit of h... [More]

DMCA Logo At Prime Choice, we specialize in offering parts so that you can repair your car at home. In the next few years, that could all change. If current pushes from big automakers succeed, we will begin to see the end of DIY repairs, and the end of the backyard mechanic. Many people are familiar with the ongoing battles between producers of digital content (such as movies and music) and customers accessing that content, but now the digital copyright battle is ... [More]

Toyota Mirai For over 100 years, we've filled our vehicles with gasoline, a combustible liquid that is used to drive our vehicles forward. We've come to rely heavily on gas, something that is quickly becoming a burden on mankind. Gasoline, derived from oil, is expensive, and only recently have we got a much needed break from the surging prices, a break that is guaranteed to be brief. In addition to rising costs, burning fossil fuels like gasoline has been shown to... [More]

Rebadged Cars Beetle The automotive world is one where people develop fierce loyalties to brands they've come to trust. This loyalty is strongest in the pickup segment, but definitely spills over into everything from minivans to economy cars.  Engineering a vehicle from the ground up is a long, complicated process (a car could enter design in 2012, be bought in 2015, but be marketed as the 2016 model year). Often times companies will "share" a vehicles platfor... [More]

Can you remember a time when you wouldn't even consider a car that didn't come with an 8-track player? Today, we accept that a number of features will simply be there when we get in a car. What about the options that we no longer see? Prime Choice is taking a look at vehicle parts and options that no longer find their way into modern vehicles. From outdated radio options, to exteriors and powertrain ... [More]

The British Automotive Industry Union Jack Before we wrap up our automotive journey around the world with the United States, we think it's important to pay homage to the motherland of our colonies and take a look at the hand made, luxury vehicles of the British automotive industry. Despite the fact that many of the UK's biggest names have become part of foreign companies, models produced still follow the time tested values of quality craftsmanship above all else. Wh... [More]

protecting against rust For those of us in the Northern States, or anywhere in Canada, we're starting to get optimistic that this winter will finally end. Now that the ice, salt, and dirt is finally coming off our cars we're getting a glimpse at how they held up. Winter is the harshest season on your vehicle for rust, and some parts can fall victim to oxidization faster than others. Prime Choice is here to offer up advice on what to check for those of us living... [More]

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