Wiper Blades

Premium Wiper Blades
  • Easy to install.
  • High performance graphite coated rubber blades deliver a smooth, clean, quiet wipe.
  • All season frame-less design with built-in spoiler to reduce drag, noise and lift.
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     Element Hybrid Blades

     Premium Vision

Wiper Blades

Prime Choice offers quality Element Hybrid™ and Premium Vision™ wiper blades for less!

From the heaviest rains to the finest sands, our advanced Premium Vision™ and Element Hybrid™ wiper blades offer the best in windshield cleaning technology. Prime Choice offers you the latest in wiper blade technology for less than the rest! No matter your budget, we have the right parts for you. From classic styled wipers to hybrid blades, our high quality Premium Vision™ or Element Hybrid™ wiper blades keep you safe on the roads!

All our Element Hybridand Premium Vision™ wiper blades are built to ensure:

·         An OEM fitment on 98% of all vehicles
·         A quick and easy installation with included clips and adaptors
·         High quality performance throughout the life of the blades, having been tested for over 300,000 cycles
·         Low and high temperature performance, even in temperatures ranging from -40°C to 160°C
·         Safe windshield contact in the harshest conditions

Drive in confidence with a set of Premium Vision™ or Element Hybrid™ wiper blades and get our lowest prices today. Prime Choice can save you up to 70% on quality products.

Saving Has Never Been This Easy!

Shop our one million part inventory factory direct and save! You don’t have to compromise quality for a lower price. Our expert customer service means you get fast, free same day shipping on most orders. All our Premium Vision™ and Element Hybrid™ wiper blades are built to meet or even exceed OEM specifications. Our experts carefully inspect each order to ensure you get exactly the right part!

Customer Service That’s A Step Ahead!

Excellent service, quality parts, and over 35 years of automotive experience makes Prime Choice your destination for auto parts. Shop with us today and enjoy access to our over one million part inventory and free shipping!