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Oxygen Sensor | O2 Sensor
  • We stock and sell direct fit oxygen sensors as well universal oxygen sensors depending on your needs.
  • These O2 sensors enable optimum engine performance and efficiency.

Oxygen Sensors - O2 Sensor

Oxygen Sensor - O2 Sensor

Your vehicle’s oxygen sensor is part of an emissions control system. The overall purpose of the sensor is to ensure your automobile’s engine runs as efficiently as possible. Your vehicle’s computer uses its input to regulate the fuel mixture, which is referred to as the fuel "feedback control loop." The computer takes its cues from the sensor and responds by modifying the fuel mixture to achieve the optimum air-to-fuel ratio level. When this car part has failed, your vehicles on-board computer will no longer be able to accurately detect the engine’s air-to-fuel ratio. If this happens, your vehicle will perform poorly and use more fuel than necessary.

Do you need a new oxygen sensor? Our quality oxygen sensors are direct fit for vehicle specific application on all makes and models, and they also come with free shipping. The amount of oxygen an engine will reliably pull in depends on altitude, air temperature, engine temperature, barometric pressure, and the load the engine is carrying. This car part ensures the correct amount. Purchase new parts from Prime Choice Auto Parts’ online factory outlet store to save immediately and maintain your engines peak performance.

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