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Purchase a Belt Tensioner - Belt Tensioner Pulley at Prime Choice Auto Parts Factory Outlet Store

Your Vehicle’s Belt Tensioner and Pulleys are such small parts that you might miss them when performing a regular inspection on your engine’s components. But don’t be fooled, as these are major components of your engine’s belt drive system. These parts apply a consistent amount of pressure on your vehicle’s serpentine drive belt or timing belt. The proper tension on these belts is critical to the long life of your belt drive system. If this tension is too tight, there will be excess noise and strain on the cog bearings and if the tension is too loose, there will be whip when in motion. In both instances, the life span of your belts will be shortened considerably, which could end up leaving you stranded, and even cause catastrophic engine failure.

At Prime Choice Auto Parts, we carry high quality replacement belt tensioners, belt tensioner pulleys, and idler belt pulleys to fit most vehicles out on the road. By purchasing with Prime Choice you will receive high quality parts and pay up to 70% less for them. The reason why we can offer you such incredible deals is because we are an Auto Parts Factory Outlet Store, cutting out the Middlemen, and saving you from excessive mark-up prices! Quit paying more than you need to for auto parts, and make your next purchase with Prime Choice! We are all about providing you with High Quality auto parts at the Lowest Price.

Shopping for a discount belt tensioner , new belt tensioner pulley at the lowest prices? You don't have to give up quality or customer service! Prime Choice Auto Parts is your online replacement belt tensioner & pulley factory outlet store offering the best in customer service, quality, and price. Check out what our customers are saying about us.

The Lowest Priced On The Internet Because We Eliminate The Middleman!

Do you want the lowest priced replacement belt tensioner? Buy a quality replacement belt tensioner / belt tensioner pulley with confidence by purchasing directly from the auto parts manufacturer. We are not an auto parts store; we are an auto parts wholesaler with factory outlet prices.

Industry Leading Quality and Lowest Prices

Our belt tensioners are quality built and we ensure the highest manufacturing specifications for every replacement belt tensioner we sell. All Prime Choice Auto replacement belt tensioner / belt tensioner pulleys are inspected before they are shipped from our 100,000 square foot state of the art auto parts warehouse to ensure you receive the highest possible quality belt for the right vehicle.

Customer Service That Helps You Get the Replacement Part You Need Fast

We understand that you are purchasing a belt tensioner today because you need it today. Most Prime Choice Auto Parts belt tensioner / belt tensioner pulley orders include free shipping and are packed and shipped the same day. Prime choice auto parts is a fully owner operated car parts factory outlet store that sells discount belt tensioners direct to the consumer. Over 30 years in the automotive industry. We are proud to offer high quality, direct fit, aftermarket replacement belt tensioner / belt tensioner pulleys for your car or truck from our warehouse to your doorstep at the lowest possible price.

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