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Cabin Air Filter Replacement

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You vehicle’s Cabin Air Filter is designed to keep the air inside your car as clean as possible by filtering out dust and pollen. They are a fairly new part on vehicles, not appearing on North American automobiles until around 1995. If your vehicle was manufactured after 2000, chances are that it has one. As air circulates into the passenger compartment of a car through the air conditioning vent, it passes through the cabin air filter. This is why you may also hear it referred to as an air conditioning vent filter. The filters are often made of electrostatic fibers that attract dirt particles and other debris. If your cabin air filter becomes clogged, you'll notice that your air conditioning and heating systems will not work effectively. If the clog is bad enough, the air will not be able to pass through your car's air circulation system at all.

A cabin air filter will remain in good condition for about a year, or between twelve to fifteen thousand miles. You may have to replace it a bit earlier or later, depending on the air quality you tend to encounter. Replacing the filter is very easy to do. All you have to do is find out where your filter is, take out the old one and install the new one. In general, it will be located outside the air intake, under the hood or underneath the car's dashboard. Prime Choice Auto Parts has a great selection of high-quality cabin air filters, all at the lowest possible price! Purchase your cabin air filter replacement from Prime Choice Auto Parts and save your money.

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