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Oil Filters

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Many automotive experts refer to oil as the car's “blood”. If this is true, then the engine oil filter can be thought of as the car's “liver” because it's main purpose is to keep the oil as clean as possible. Most modern engine oil filters are designed as a single assembly. They are cup-shaped in appearance and screw into a car's oil pan. As the oil circulates through the engine, it makes its way to the truck or car’s oil filter. The filter collects any debris in the oil as it passes through.

Oil filters are one of the easiest car parts to install and, in most cases, an automotive garage will replace it each time you have your oil changed. If not, you should insist to have this simple and inexpensive maintenance completed. If your car or truck has never had an oil filter replacement, your oil would need to be changed more frequently and the maintenance costs of your car would go up significantly. In addition, without a working oil filter, the debris in the oil would cause your engine to deteriorate much more quickly, potentially leading to a very costly repair in the future. The next time your car needs an oil change, you can save significant money when you buy an oil filter online. Prime Choice Auto Parts carries brand name oil filters that won't let you down. For the best prices on high-quality oil filters, order online at PrimeChoiceAutoParts.com today.