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Ceramic Brake Pads

now feature a premium shim.

(PRWEB) - April 28, 2010

Prime Choice

Brake Pads

now feature an advanced premium shim technology that promotes silent braking. When combined with Prime Choice Auto Parts Brake Pad’s already superior stopping power and long lasting life the result is the new standard in replacement brake components.

These shim materials offer enhanced Noise, Vibration, and Harshness performance characteristics and are designed specifically to meet the damping, temperature, stiffness and operating environment of automotive braking - in simpler terms, our new shims quiet.




ceramic brakes pads

have always been recognized as a premium quality product, by incorporating the premium shim we have improved on that quality. The most common complaint associated with braking has always been noise; the premium shim is an effective solution to that problem" - Shane White - Vice President Prime Choice Auto Parts

Prime Choice Auto Parts Semi Metallic and Ceramic Brake Pads are fabricated with engineered high grade composite materials for superior braking and extended life. All Prime Choice brake pads are chamfered and slotted to prevent heat expansion cracks, offer a strong resistant to fade under load and are resistant to rotor vibration.

Prime Choice Auto Parts is a world class auto parts manufacturer with over thirty years service excellence in the replacement auto parts industry. With over 1 million auto parts in stock Prime Choice Auto Parts is synonymous with quality, value and service.

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