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I found your company first on eBay then I bought parts directly from your site. I probably wouldn't have a running car if not for Prime Choice! I couldn't afford everything to fix the suspension from any other place but your prices are so amazing. Thank you,

Rielle Wright

I just wanted to compliment your company on great service, communication, shipping and products. The purchase I made just recently arrived lightning quick. I was surprised because I placed the order almost too late to give you a chance to get it here when I needed it. But the order made it. I also worked with a couple of your folks on an ordering problem and they were very helpful. I will definitely try to call on you again for future orders. Thanks a lot,

Marty Lawson
Harrodsburg KY.

Hi. Thank you for your refund, your professionalism and fast response. I am very satisfied. I plan on purchasing new wipers for both my vehicles and will plan on getting them from you. Also if your product is as good as they look I will inform my associates I work with - 250+ of your product. Thank you again and I look forward to dealing with you in the near future. Sincerely,

Paul Horniak

I ordered two sensors for my car. You sent me a confirmation and let me know that it had shipped. I PAID NO SHIPPING. You are the best. I am 59 and I appreciate the way you do business. To be a good customer should I tell everyone about you or just spend lots of money? Danny C. Graybeal

Half the price of anyone else. Very good quality parts and the how-to videos really helped. It took me about an hour to replace both front struts. Thanks and Regards,

Farmersville, Ohio

Thanks so much for the awesome service – WOW - I will be putting the parts on tonight – WOW Thanks so much,

James F,
Chicago, Ill

Strut Assembly and Brakes. Well you are right - half the price, good quality and excellent service. You were so inexpensive I was suspicious. Everyone told me don't do it - go local. Well they are the loser and I am so thrilled. The job went well and I saved over 500 dollars. Thanks!! I am spreading the word. A Grandmother with guts,

Sue R
Berlin, MA

Thanks for the great service! The parts arrived as promised and fit like a glove (also as promised). The instructions that were included made it relatively easy for me to do the work myself. That saved me over $300 on labor. Unfortunately my regular mechanic believes only KYB makes shocks and struts! I would recommend you to anyone and have! Thanks, again! It's been a pleasure doing business with you!

Wil G,
Bedford TX

I ordered parts yesterday and got them this morning. Installed them and just need the rear bearings now. Jesse Chard

I am glad I found you on the internet. Your parts are so cheap (only in price).Thanks for the good service, fast delivery and free shipping. When I need any parts I will order from you and also tell others about you. (Family members etc.) Thanks,

Charles Ellis

This is a great online parts store. I have ordered parts for 3 different vehicles and every parts was right on and the quality and price are second to none. The service is better than most local stores. PRIME CHOICE IS MY CHOICE for all of the parts they can supply me.

Kevin Donais

got an excellent deal on rotors and brake pads thank you!!!

Chuck Derby


Awesome transaction: simple, swift, and exact item needed to solve my problem.

Look forward to future transactions.

L. Garrett
Satisfied Customer

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Quick Install Complete Strut Assembly

Buy Discount Complete Struts - Strut Assembly at Prime Choice Auto Parts Factory Outlet Store

Quick Install Complete Strut Assemblies are designed as a single unit, ready to install replacement for the existing strut assembly components of your vehicle. A Quick Install Complete

Strut Assembly

includes all the components required for strut replacement in one fully assembled unit. These complete units feature a pre-assembled replacement bearing plate, upper and lower spring isolators, upper spring seat, coil spring, dust boot kit, and a nitrogen filled strut. The

Strut Assembly

is designed to not only save time on installation by eliminating the need for dis-assembly of the existing components and the required compressing of the coil spring prior to installation but it also eliminates the requirement of special tools and allows for the safe and easy removal of the coil spring for Do it Yourselfers looking to save a few dollars on their auto repairs.

The struts basic function is to maintain the balance and safety of your car. Not only do they provide a more comfortable ride, they also play a significant role in the control and handling of your vehicle.  If your struts are worn out or damaged your car will almost seem to bounce uncontrollably – this obviously makes for both an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous ride. While quick install complete strut assemblies are not available for all makes and models there is good coverage on most of the popular cars on the road today.  Most cars and trucks are equipped with struts in the front and shocks in the rear – although some vehicles do come equipped with both rear and front struts. It is important to the overall ride and safety of your vehicle that the struts be maintained and changed immediately if required. Even under normal driving conditions your car struts will gradually wear out but there are many factors that may accelerate the rate of which the wear occurs, including but not limited to, excessive driving on bumpy roads or on heavily salted roads where the strut assembly is more prone to corrosion.  Another important consideration is the fact that worn out struts not only effect the comfort and ride of your vehicle they can also have a negative impact on safe braking.

A typical quick install complete strut assembly is direct fit and ready to install.  Each unit is designed and tuned for vehicle specific applications. As previously noted, quick install complete strut assemblies include a strut, coil spring (when applicable), strut mount, boot, bumper kit, spring seat and isolator. They are painted in rust resistant, powder coated paint and come with a neoprene dust boot. The interior strut is nitrogen gas charged.

The revolutionary design of the Quick Install Complete Strut Assembly allows for the safe removal and replacement the complete Strut Assembly in one piece. Do the complete job with the right auto part the first time.

Quick Install

Complete Strut Assemblies

are ready to install right out of the box and include all the components required for strut replacement in a single, fully assembled unit. This new auto part was ultimately designed with the Do it Yourselfer in mind.

There has been much advancement in the Auto Parts industry over the last ten to fifteen years. In our opinion the development and availability of the Quick Install Complete Strut Assembly is a significant step forward in auto parts ingenuity – it is a logical design that meets the demands of the today’s consumer.

Remember, Quick Install

Complete Strut Assemblies

should always be replaced in pairs (front struts or rear struts). This reduces the overall time required to replace two struts at different times, and ensures your vehicle's suspension is level.

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